Night Alert: Prototype

As society continues to adapt to the constant changes in technology, the more safety measures that need to be thought about. The dark still plays a large role in frightening parents as they allow their kids to go out, even with phones existing. Creating a wearable that could revolutionize parental control while also creating a safer environment for children when going out. The bracelet alerts children that it’s dark out through a Photoresistor and also alerts their parents via text message that it’s dark out. This wearable device will stop alerting until the child returns home.

Night Alert was a collaboration between Alex Ball and I for our Interactive Objects class.

Designer, 3D Printing, Researcher
October 2017 – December 2017
Arduino, Prototype, 3D Printing

Testing the bracelet on the breadboard

Testing the bracelet on the breadboard

3D Printing the bracelet

Concept art for the intended design